PPGLEV’s internationalization process is based on long-established partnerships and others that are about to be affirmed. The many cooperation agreements established form the basis of an action that unfolds into activities such as:

a) integration with different international research groups;
b) participation in international events;
c) publication of works abroad;
d) stays of professors in foreign institutions to develop research, deliver lectures and teach courses;
e) carrying out sandwich doctorate internships abroad;
f) reception of professors linked to foreign institutions, to carry out research, give conferences and teach courses;
g) reception of graduate students linked to foreign institutions to carry out research in Brazil.

In 2018, PPGLEV joined the other UFRJ graduate programs in the conception of the university’s PrInt-CAPES. At the same time, it created the research project “Voices and writings in different spaces of the Portuguese language”, which integrates and enhances the internationalization activities of its three areas of concentration.

The project, to be developed during the 2019-2022 quadrennium, has been well received abroad. Already in its first phase, 28 researchers residing in six different countries, linked to nine institutions with a long history of agreements with the PPGLEV: Universidad de Salamanca, University of Lisbon, Université Paris Saclay, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela , Freie Universität Berlin, Sorbonne Université, State University of New York (Stone Brook), University of Buenos Aires and University of Coimbra.

It is important to emphasize the pertinence of PPGLEV proposing this project; after all, it is a graduate program with a rare composition: approximately half of its members are Portuguese, a quarter are dedicated to Brazilian Literature and a quarter is dedicated to Portuguese and African Literature. Used to working together and given constant dialogue with colleagues from abroad, these researchers certainly have the necessary competence and legitimacy to develop the proposal.

Within the scope of PPGLEV, the project will have the participation of professors and students, which will be possible thanks to the planned activities, to be developed both abroad and at the Faculty of Arts at UFRJ.

  1. Four missions abroad (two in 2019 and two in 2021), with the objective of PPGLEV representatives meeting with members of teams linked to partner HEIs located in the destination countries, in order to strengthen ties and organize the participation in project publications and events.
  2. Publication of four special issues, in English, of Diadorim – Journal of Linguistic and Literary Studies (in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022), consisting of articles resulting from research undertaken by project participants linked to UFRJ and other partner institutions.
  3. Organization of an international congress biannually (in 2020 and 2022) at the Faculty of Arts of UFRJ, with the participation of researchers from Brazil and abroad.
  4. Filming, editing and subtitling (in English) of two summer courses (in 2019 and 2020), to be taught by teachers from the three areas of concentration of PPGLEV, whose recordings will be available on this site.
  5. Launching of a public notice per year to grant two doctoral-sandwich scholarships to PPGLEV students.
  6. Launching of a notice to grant two scholarships for junior visiting professors abroad (in 2019 and 2021) to PPGLEV professors.
  7. Launching of a notice to grant two scholarships for senior visiting professors abroad (in 2020 and 2022) to PPGLEV professors.
  8. Launching of a notice to grant two visiting professor scholarships in Brazil, in 2019 and 2021.

PPGLEV sees this project as an opportunity to reinforce ongoing exchanges and inaugurate new partnerships. In this way, it will reinforce its presence in the world academic world, as well as absorb more directly knowledge developed in different parts of the planet.

In addition, the effort will contribute to amplify the light that shines on the sixth most spoken language on the planet, as it will deepen research into its manifestations in countries that have it as their official language and its presence in foreign universities that have scholars of Portuguese Language and Portuguese Language Literatures.

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